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The community has been deleted.

For those who know the history of this orkut community, the deletion was due to his repeated requests and the fact that his orkut attacks on other people ( the community-mania ) has decreased drastically.

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Exams are an integral part of NITC. That makes sure that the students shall study a subject at least for three nights in a whole semester. ( Sessional One, Sessional Two and End Sem).

Today is the second day of my S7 sessional two. Economics was the subject. A computer science student as i am, i think we shall not mention the word Economics at any stage from now onwards. So much for an exam which left me blinking at the question paper hoping the questions would change.

No exams tomorrow or the day after. Monday shall see me fighting with two papers. Advanced Data Structures and Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications.

Hope to see u’ll after that if do survive. Adios.

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I was sitting in my room today afternoon reading the Economics notes for the exam…. Jas came in, touched my chin and said:

” Ikka… I Love You!!”.

I promptly replied : “Thank You!!”.


He kissed his fingers and left.. closing the door behind him…

Simply Jassist.

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